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It’s true; group motorcycle riding can be an exhilarating experience and can provide for hours of great riding and camaraderie with your friends. But it can be a dangerous activity if the proper safety precautions are not met and if members of the group are riding unsafely. A group motorcycle ride can be successful if each person participating in the ride acts responsibly and without carelessness.

Organizing a group ride should only be left in the hands of one or two individuals. This will help to prevent the ride form getting too much input and not enough decision making on which routes are taken and when and where stops will occur. The trip should be planned out beforehand so that there is a set route in place and there isn’t any question about where the ride is going. Stops should also be planned ahead of time in order to keep the ride on track and on schedule. Stopping too many times or out of schedule will cause the ride to take longer, thus possibly having to alter the route and scheduled stops. Those individuals that are organizing the ride should also be the ones to lead it since they are the ones that know which turns to make and where to stop. A simple rule of thumb is if you don’t know where you’re going, don’t get out in front.

I’ve been on a number of group rides and I’ve learned a great deal each time I’ve gone out with a group. One thing I’ve learned is that is important to stick together as much as possible. This includes waiting at stop signs, or pulling off to the side, while the others catch up if they’ve fallen behind. What’s the point of going on a group ride if you’re always going to be separated and not stick together? I’ve also learned that each rider is unique and it’s important to realize that you’re not always going to be able to keep up with each other. If you feel you are riding too fast for your own comfort, then it’s better to fall back a little and catch up at the next stop sign than to ride out of your comfort zone and possibly get in an accident because you couldn’t handle yourself properly.

Finally, always be sure you are properly equipped for the ride which means having a proper motorcycle helmet, jacket, boots, pants, and other riding gear. The thrill of the ride won’t be as great if you are not properly equipped.

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